I can’t rest going to my nana's house

I appreciate my Grandmother, but she has actually no proposal how to use her Heating, Ventilation, and A/C units respectfully, then due to this, I easily don’t appreciate staying at my Grandmother’s apartment overnight.

  • At my house, I will disclose that I am spoiled.

I have a personal a/c in my room that keeps the temperature of my room at the perfect temperature. During the winter, I also have a space oil furnace that I can adjust at any time if the oil furnace is not as comfortable as I appreciate it. Typically, I don’t need to use the space oil furnace nearly as much as I appreciate to use my window a/c… My favorite way to sleep is to turn the a/c on to the highest setting and grab a ton of blankets to keep myself and others warm. During the winter, I usually recognize too hot because of the oil furnace, and I appreciate to open my Winter to let some of the cool air into the room. However, my Grandmother doesn’t have the same feeling about Heating, Ventilation, and A/C units that I do. My Grandmother doesn’t even own an a/c. It would seem more logical if she sat outside all afternoon in the shade, but instead, she relaxes inside on the couch with no a/c. At night, the apartment is blazing hot. I usually can’t sleep without heavy blankets, but without the a/c, I am forced to try to sleep without heavy blankets. During the winter, she turns the oil furnace on to a setting even hotter than my own house, but the windows don’t open in my room. I actually don’t like going to my Grandmother’s house. Maybe I should purchase a portable a/c.

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