I can’t suppose what my best associate did

I literally cannot suppose what my best associate did to that bad guy’s air conditioner.

I don’t believe that I am going to be able to hang out with my associate after what I just watched him do.

I have a best friend, and every one of us literally hang out every weekend, however my best associate used to be a absolutely nice kid, although I have noticed that he has changed in the last few months. He has been hanging out with people that I would never want to spend time with, and he has also been becoming more interested in illegal interest. I am not interested in that kind of thing, and every one of us have slowly been growing apart. When he destroyed the air conditioner last night, that was absolutely the last straw for me. I can not hang out with someone who is willing/able to destroy someone’s Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit. He absolutely cost that guy thoUnited Statesnds of dollars to replace that central air conditioner. The two of us were hanging out, and every one of us decided to go on a walk. While every one of us were walking, he tried to convince me that every one of us should destroy a central air conditioner. I was not interested, even though he grabbed a bat in someone’s yard and started destroying someone’s central air conditioner. I hastily ran away, and I heard the guy yell when he woke up hearing his central air conditioner being destroyed. My associate ran away, and he tried to hang out, although I left. I am going back to that guy’s condo to tell him who destroyed the air conditioner. I would never want to be close friends with anyone who would do that.