I can't wait to graduate from my HVAC training

Ever since I was a little boy I wanted to be an HVAC technician because that is what my father and uncle were.

My dad used to have an HVAC business but he passed away before I became an HVAC technician.

I know the HVAC technician that took over his business and he has granted me a job once I am finished with my HVAC training. The HVAC training has been about 2 years long and I can’t wait to finish. I am going to be so excited the first day I go to fix an AC unit or something like that, whereas most people probably wouldn’t finding an AC unit too exciting. I have always been fascinated with fixing machines and I grew up around all sorts of HVAC parts around the house. My dad was always bringing home old HVAC parts from different units he took apart and from a young age he taught me how to take care of a heating and cooling system. The only reason that I had to go to HVAC school was to get officially certified. I have gotten the top marks in all of my HVAC classes and I have been offered jobs by a variety of HVAC companies. I have said no to all of the HVAC job offers I have gotten, even the ones that pay a ton of money. I really want to work at the HVAC company that my father started, and that is way I am going to do. My mom has also passed away but I know that she would be proud of me following in the HVAC footsteps of my father. I always told them both I would grow up to be an HVAC technician and they supported me every step of the way.


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