I care about those several weeks when the Heating is off

There is only several weeks out of the entire year, when I can turn off the Heating & A/C plan & open the windows… The weather in my region is honestly moderate & humid.

The air conditioner runs non-stop, especially during the summer time weeks, during the weeks of June & October, occasionally I even have an extra air conditioner in the kitchen.

The weather is truly 1 of the worst parts about living in this area, i grew up in the region, & I have never lived anywhere else. Even though it’s hot, humid, & filled with 12 inch bugs, it’s still home to me. I love those several weeks in the middle of May, when the temperatures are perfect to open the windows. My fiance & I have a room full of windows that face the west, both of us open all the large windows & we usually try to air out the house. The airflow is significant, & the breeze is usually cool & relaxing. During this time, my fiance & I usually try to perform service on our Heating & A/C system. Both of us carefully scrub all of the electrical & mechanical components of our Heating & A/C system, & we also scrub all of the air vents. This service is the only time when we scrub the unit, so we do our best to cover all the bases. My fiance & I have watched a dozen peculiar videos online, & we are experts at cleaning & maintaining our Heating & A/C system, however occasionally we even help my Dad & Dad, when they perform the yearly Heating & A/C tune-up too.

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