I changed the filters in my air conditioner for the first time

It amazes me how many things that I am oblivious to.

  • I don’t know how I grew up without realizing certain things.

I don’t think it is because my parents didn’t try to teach me these things; I think it is just because I am a terrible listener. It is really bad, and I need to change it. I still struggle with it to this day. I have trouble focusing, and I struggle to pay attention to anything that I am not interested in. One of the things that my dad mentioned to me a few years ago when I bought my air conditioner was that I needed to change the filter in it periodically. He said that he recommended me to do it about three times per year. I don’t even remember him saying that which is really bad. I noticed that my air conditioner was starting to put off a stench that I was not okay with, but I had no idea why. Every time that I walked past my air conditioner, the stench got stronger, so I knew that it was coming from the air conditioner and not anywhere else. I asked my dad why my air conditioner would be putting off such a foul smell, and he asked if I had changed the filter recently. I told him that I had never changed the filter in my air conditioner, and he started laughing at me. He explained to me how to change the filter and told me to start changing it on a regular basis. He also reminded me that he had already told me that when I bought it. I really need to learn to listen.

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