I completely destroyed my HVAC unit

What I did last week may have been one of the dumbest things that I have done in quite a while.

My wife is very adamant that we go the whole nine yards when it comes to our heating and air conditioning system.

She says it is important for the longevity of our HVAC, I on the other hand am fine with just leaving the heating and cooling system exactly how it is unless it breaks on me. I see always calling out a HVAC technician as a waste of time. This naturally causes some disagreements between us and the other day she was reminding me about how we have the appointment for the HVAC tune-ups coming up and she wanted me to take a look at the air conditioner before the repair guy arrives. I went and when I looked I noticed our air conditioning system was having a difficult time running. I attempted to fix it but only became frustrated in the progress, this frustration wasn’t helped when my wife came out and started complaining. We got in a big fight and out of anger I started pelting the HVAC unit with rocks. I was so angry I even took a sledge hammer and destroyed it. Looking back it now I see how extremely stupid and childish that was. My wife and I agreed that since I’m the one that decided to act like a moron that I would be the one paying for the new heating and cooling system. It isn’t something I look forward to but I suppose it is fair.
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