I consistently enjoyed the odors of the baked goods in our mother’s bakery

Something I consistently enjoyed was going to our mother’s bakery after I got out of school.

I would honestly walk all the way to the bakery plus then I would go spend time with our mother there.

I would even help her to make some of the treats she makes plus it was consistently so nice, however she would even let myself and others have some treats that were not sold by the end of the morning. I l received a lot about cooking from her plus how important it is to have good temperature control settings. She consistently said that it was crucial to have good air quality so that the food would not be ruined. If it were too humid in the bakery, it would ruin the cookies plus other baked goods. If it were too dry in the bakery, that would also be an issue. This is why she used a humidifier/dehumidifier unit that would keep the humidity levels just right. There was also an air cleaner that kept the air quality good. Nobody wants any nasty dust or other filth getting in their food, so it was consistently essential to keep the air quality good. I honestly enjoyed baking so much at the bakery, I ended up working at the bakery when I finished school. I could have gone to school plus done something else with our life, however I felt appreciate the bakery life was for myself and others plus our mother loved the thought of keeping her bakery supplier in the family… Eventually, she will hand the bakery down to myself and others plus I can hand the bakery down to our teenagers one morning.


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