I couldn’t believe that my HVAC technician was telling me

I could not believe what my HVAC technician was telling me.

I was so certain that the furnace was in working condition that I didn’t even consider asking an HVAC technician to inspect the house.

In a normal sale, I would have been required to hire an HVAC technician in order to purchase the house. My realty company would have made me hire an HVAC technician as a precaution to know what the value of the house was when the furnace was included. However, I was buying this house from a friend, and I already had the cash saved for an inheritance. I didn’t think that I would need an HVAC technician. My friend told me that the furnace was in working order and even had all of the receipts from the times in the past when the HVAC technician performed a repair. I knew a little about furnaces, and the furnace seemed fine to me. However, after only a month of living in the house, the furnace stopped working. I tried some basic troubleshooting to see if it was something that I could fix, but it was not. Therefore, I called the HVAC technician over to get his opinion. He told me that the furnace was in very bad shape and that I would have to replace the furnace. I was shocked. The new furnace was going to cost me a lot of money, and I barely had enough. If I would have known that the furnace was going to stop working, I would have paid a lot less. I couldn’t believe my ears. I hope that my friend didn’t know about the furnace.