I Couldn’t Please Everyone

I always thought that having control over the thermostat at my office would be wonderful.

For years I worked just like every other employee in a shared space who complained about the temperature.

The temperature was horribly inconsistent and uncomfortable and everyone around me complained about it. I sent countless emails to those in management and even a few complaints to the maintenance man about the temperature before someone snapped and deemed it my responsibility to manage the thermostat settings. I thought this was a major win because everyone wanted to be in control of the temperature and now I had the power to make it whatever I wanted. This victory was short lived though because as soon as the responsibility was relinquished to me, I was bombarded by complaints from everyone else. No matter what I did, someone was always unhappy about the temperature of the office. I quickly realized that I’d never be able to please everyone despite my best efforts and that I’d need to set the temperature and leave it. In my mind, it was easier to become warmer than it was to become cooler, so I set the temperature to a low 72 degrees and left it at that. I sent an email to everyone letting them know about my decision to keep the temperature consistent and that they’d have to plan accordingly for their time at the office. If people were too cold, they could wear more layers. If people were too warm, they’d have to wear less layers. It’s true when they say you can’t please everyone.
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