I couldn’t take it anymore

I truly hate the feeling that pours over you when you realize that you’ve waited far too long to pay a certain bill, then some companies have the courtesy to send a warning to you about how services will soon be shut off, but quite a few suppliers won’t even bother to supply you a honorable warning! More than once, I’ve had my iPhone suddenly cut off from service.

Not only this, but my internet & even the power in my house. Any time when the power goes out, you’re really in trouble! As if it’s not awful enough that the power is out, the agony starts to set in when you start to come to terms with the fact that no power means no , that’s the worst area of all! I can’t sit being in a condo with no heating, a/c, or even the power to run a weak standing fan. The air quality inside the condo becomes poor within a few hours when there’s no power, and I just wish that I was anywhere else in the world when it happens. Thankfully, I’ve been much more frequent about getting my power bill & other bills paid on time. That’s mostly due to myself and others getting a smart temperature control for my home’s Heating, Ventilation, & A/C unit. The smart temperature control helps to prevent the plan from running for too long or use too much energy. In turn, the energy costs have begun to decrease, thus making them far more affordable to keep up with! Now if only I could find a cheaper iPhone & internet plan, I wouldn’t have to stress out all month about those numerous utilities being cut off, either.


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