I decided to go for the upgrade

She thought I was absolutely nuts.

When I first married my wife, it was a little bit difficult to get used to how she lived. She always loved an over abundance of air conditioning in the hot season. I could appreciate the fact that she loved her climate control system, but to make the house completely freezing was a little too much for me! She would actually get mad if I adjusted the temperature control settings to a more reasonable temperature. I had to explain to her that I just didn’t want to freeze to death in the summer season! I actually enjoyed the warm weather and I wouldn’t mind opening the windows to get some fresh air and perhaps a nice breeze every now and then. She thought I was absolutely nuts. It was difficult just driving with her places because she would crank the A/C all the time and eventually I would just have to bring a jacket with me even on a hot summer day! Eventually when I was getting to the point where I couldn’t take it any longer, I decided to call an HVAC company to see if there was some kind of solution for us! I was saying that I didn’t want to get divorced over this type of issue with not being able to agree on the temperature control settings. The HVAC professional I was speaking to let me know about HVAC zone control. He said that they would be able to split up our house into zones, and then we could each enjoy our own personal temperature control settings without affecting the other zones. I decided to go for this upgrade!