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Wherever you live, the temperature plus weather conditions have a serious effect on the size of your electric bill and other utilities. Heating in cold temperatures plus cooling in warm temperatures will make up a good percentage of those bills. Over the years as fuel prices have increased dramatically, especially for propane gas, fuel oil plus natural gas, homeowners have looked for ways to stay comfortable plus still keep costs under control as much as possible. Sometimes there are dramatic price shifts based on supply. A shortage of propane in the north a few years ago led to prices that were double plus even triple the price of previous years.  Some people have installed wood burning gas furnaces either as a primary way to heat their homes or as a supplementary way to supply heat. This is a labor-intensive practice. The economy of wood burning depend on the availability of the wood. People with wooded acreage have a ready source however felling the trees plus creating United States logs is no simple task. Kerosene burners also are sometimes used to supplement furnaces. Kerosene is highly flammable plus has a strong stink. It needs to be handled with care. The heat produced by this kind of furnace can be intense, so everyone needs to be careful not to bump into the heater. Fortunately, several efficient electric space furnaces have come on the market. These are a good solution for helping to postpone turning on the heating proposal for the winter, for heating cold spots which may occur in the beach house or for heating a room that is occupied to a comfortable temperature while keeping the rest of the beach house cool. Price increases can lead to creating efficient plus economical solutions.

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