I did win a contest

The most odd and amazing thing happened to me the other week. My local heating and cooling company was running a contest to win tickets to the grand opening of a new amusement park, and I was the winner! I didn’t even know I was entered into the contest. But, I came to find out that anyone who had bought a smart thermostat from the heating and air conditioning company in the last three months was entered into the contest. When I bought my smart thermostat, it was because I had heard so much about these new advanced things on the heating and air conditioning market. Who knew that when I bought the smart thermostat I would be getting a bonus in taking my kids to this brand new place in the city for fun! I have to say, that I was very happy with glee about it because I never had won anything in my life before. When I was a teenager I entered so many radio contests and was always the loser. But now, thanks to my friendly and wonderful heating and air conditioning company I finally broke that contest losing streak! It actually makes me want to invest in another piece of HVAC equipment. Just on the rare chance they pop up with another contest some time in the near future. I actually have been wanting to buy a media air cleaner for my home. I just have not had the spare cash to go the mile and buy it as of yet. But when I do, I will be buying it from this heating and cooling company!

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