I didn’t have the skills to do it

I own a little company that focuses on stocking inventory for big time vendors.

However, all of us also have a storefront where we meet with prospective buyers and do our buyer service. This is a family company that was passed down to me. My buddy plus I run it with a small staff of people. But, we have also operated as our own maid crew. The janitorial services take care of dusting, trash removal and carpet cleaning. It is all done inhouse. The small staff also keeps all the floors waxed and shiny. It takes them hardly anytime plus they do a great cleaning job. But the floor repair is particularly a bizarre thing completely. There is a lot of floor space in the warehouses that have to be kept in great shape. That is a lot of floor stripping plus waxing for our small group. To save cash one time, I tried to rent the floor stripping plus waxing equipment. I tried it on our own. This was stupid plus a complete waste of our time plus money. It was more than clear that I didn’t have the knowledge, right gear or patience to do that job for the large floor. I called around but mostly I got the janitorial crew who did not focus on floor repair. I then figured out our small cleaning crew could do the job. They now bring in the giant machine when it is time to do our flooring. They do a particularly great job plus the extra cost to keep the floors fresh is just plain worth it.

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