I didn’t know that there was a rule about the thermostat

I honestly had no idea that there was a rule in my company about how you are supposed to use the thermostat.

If I would have known about the rule, I would have never adjusted the thermostat.

I guess that I probably should have known that there was a rule about the thermostat. Looking back, it makes sense that the owner of the company wouldn’t want everyone adjusting the thermostat and changing the temperature of the company. However, I have never worked a job before, and I guess that I just didn’t think about it. Now, I am in trouble over the thermostat, and I am really concerned that I am going to lose my job because I adjusted the thermostat. The only reason that I even adjusted the thermostat is that I felt uncomfortable with the thermostat. It was the middle of the summer, and the building felt stuffy. Our building has a central air conditioner, and I knew that the customers probably felt uncomfortable too. I figured that if I turned the central air conditioner to a lower temperature, it would probably make all of the customers comfortable too. I had no idea that the owner was trying to use the central air conditioner less to save money. I probably should have just asked, but I didn’t think that anyone would have a problem with adjusting the thermostat. I figured that they probably just forgot to turn the air conditioner down. I started doing it regularly, and finally, we had a company announcement about not adjusting the thermostats. They were trying to figure out who did it, and I admitted to it. Now, I am about to meet with my boss. I am really worried.

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