I don’t believe why we are getting cold spots from our duct work

Why does our house have cold spots this year? They weren’t there last year, or at least I never noticed it last year.

Maybe it is something that happens gradually with your ducttoil system.

I am not really sure because this is the first home that I have ever owned. Previously, I lived in apartments, where I never had to take care of heating and cooling. If there was ever an issue with the equipment, I simply called up the building owner. He took care of everything. This is the first time that I have ever had to deal with the heating and cooling system myself. I am just a little bit intimidated by the fact that I am the one who is going to have to deal with the oil furnace, the air conditioning, and the duct work in this house. I really don’t believe anything at all about heating and cooling systems. So, the only reason that I believe that there is an issue at all is because there are different cold spots everywhere in the house. I did a little bit of research online, and discovered chances are pretty good that we have an issue with the ventilation system. I know it’s good that there is really something wrong with the ducts – not with the oil furnace itself. I have the feeling that we might need to get some duct sealing done in order to get this fixed.

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