I don't know anything about HVAC units

I can still remember when I met my wife’s parents for the first time, and just how bad it ended up.

Thankfully, we are on enjoyable terms now after we got to know each other, over the years. My inlaws are backdated and have never been the type to care about other people different than them. However, me being a city boy who knew nothing about country living, I suppose I was already on this guys’ bad book! Upon my first visit, my father in law asked if I could help him with his troubling AC unit. I agreed to it, however, once we started working on the unit, my lack of knowledge showed on my inability to solve anything. My wife gave me a look before I got up to go help, the look was telling me to stay put and not move. But I took the chance to impress. He started asking me different types of questions, only a handyman could answer. After like a hundred questions, my wife rescued me out of it. Since then things have been pretty exhausting between us, and I hope that someday the man will look beyond by lack of HVAC knowledge and accept me as a son.

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