I Don’t Like the Ductless Mini Split System

One of the worst parts about our beach house is the ductless mini split units.

This is the first residence I’ve had where there wasn’t central heat plus air with a singular temperature control.

The fact that there are numerous ductless units in our beach house plus they each have a remote, it definitely bothers me. I can hardly keep track of the TV remote let alone numerous remotes that control the temperature of each section of our house. To make our life a little easier, I’ve mounted each of the remotes onto the walls in each of the designated areas. This way, I consistently suppose where the remotes are plus it keeps them out of the way. It’s not aesthetically pleasing, however it’s functional plus that’s all that definitely matters. Another reason I don’t care about our ductless mini split system is because they are programmed to tell myself and others the temperature in celsius plus not fahrenheit. My building owner is English plus she only understands celsius which is why the ductless units are programmed that way. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help myself and others because I don’t suppose what temperature I’m even setting our home to unless I look it up. More often than not, I just guess. To make matters worse, I feel love I can’t get a consistent temperature with our ductless units. If I change the temperature by a single degree, the room’s temperature swings dramatically. I would know it’s because there’s no air vent to keep it regulated plus flowing evenly. Either way, I don’t ever want to rent another beach house with a ductless mini split system for heat plus air.


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