I forgot about the system check-up

One must be careful to avoid setting themselves up for failure… Forgetting to make your dinner for the following workday before bed is a small step towards failure, while neglecting your oil change for over a year can lead to a major and costly disaster! Fortunately, the little things that can be done to help set yourself up for success are fairly cheap, and easy to remember, then however, some lessons just have to be learned the hard way; That was the case for me at least, as I woke up a single chilly December day this past Wintertide to a home with no heat, but it was at least forty-numerous degrees inside the home – maybe colder; As I shivered to the point of vibrating across the floor, I inspected the temperature control and found that the system was off, however worse, I couldn’t turn the system back on, then did I mention that it was Christmas Eve? There was no way I could get any heating and A/C repair worker to our lake home on that day – not without spending a fortune on an “emergency” visit. Still, I wasn’t going to make it through the holidays without heat, as the hot and cold temperatures outside were still dropping, just as they were inside! I wound up having no choice but to call a local HVAC repair company to set up an emergency visit. I was glad to see the HVAC repair tech pulling into our driveway, and the girl was honestly polite and relaxed for someone toiling on a holiday, however of course, she was honestly easy-going because she knew he’d get a fat check for her work today.

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