I Found a Free Furnace Filter by the Bin Today

I like to save money whenever possible.

  • It goes hand in hand with my life philosophy and is necessary for a person like me with limited income.

I like to have two or three small income streams instead of one because if you lose that one job your whole life turns upside down. If you lose one of the part time jobs it doesn’t impact you as much and it is usually easier to find another one quickly. The more money you make with a job the longer it takes to find another one. They say one month for every $10k. I found a free heater filter the other day by the trash bin. A few months ago I found a nice backpack that had a small tear in the zipper, and I fixed it for nothing. My oil furnace uses a HEPA filter normally but the one I found is a regular one but it will do the job until I get money or find another HEPA. I’ve always been kind of thrifty as my grandfather taught me to be years ago. He was a heater and AC salesman, had six kids, yet was able to save money and retire at 54 years old. I was able to semi retire at 32 because I have no kids and live a very simple and frugal lifestyle. I have everything I need though. As I think about it, I believe my oil tank for my heater is low so it’s time to call the delivery man. Maybe one day I can afford a solar heater and stop using all of this oil to heat my house.


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