I got a discount due to terrible experience

This weekend I have nothing but continuous errands to do, starting on Sunday, then most of Sunday will be getting groceries and deciding on new furniture for my home, so I drove to the grocery store around 8:00 and was done by 9:00 am… I dropped my groceries off at my condo and put them away and arrived at the furniture store by 10:15 pm.

I was hoping to find a new kitchen set, with a matching couch and loveseat.

I browsed for a while, and the furniture store seemed mostly empty. I found a beautiful beige fabric couch with a matching loveseat and pillows! I found a beautiful kitchen set to go along nicely. I tried to flag down the only employee however she seemed to be tied up talking to someone else. So instead, I browsed a bit more. In the back of the store, I noticed they had whole-house air purifiers for sale. I never thought about getting an media air cleaner before, even though I thought it would be a beautiful addition to my home. I brought the box of the whole lake condo media media air cleaner to the counter but the employee was gone, however the store was officially empty except for the employee who was talking on the iphone in the back. I tried to get her attention, and she glanced in my direction and then continued to talk on the iphone. I waited an hour, until it was 12:00 and she still ignored myself and others and was on the iphone! I was so mad I left the whole lake condo media whole-house air purifier behind and left the store. I called and complained later and they provided myself and others a large discount for the trouble.


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