I got certified for Heating plus A/C two weeks ago.

I showed up at the house late one afternoon, plus I must have looked lost.

  • The guy inside asked if I was looking for Ed, but I didn’t know who Ed was, plus the question was moot.

I asked if he had a broken a/c unit? Ed told me he needed to have the a/c unit tested, plus I took a deep breath. I had earned my Heating plus A/C certification two weeks earlier. If it had been anything but a basic service call, the Heating plus A/C supplier would not have allowed me to take it on my own. Everyone was out on service calls, plus the owner thought it would be a self-explanatory way for me to get out in the field. He asked if I wanted to do the a/c service on my own. I shrugged plus asked if it would be all right. He just laughed plus told me he was the owner, plus if he said it was all right, who was going to argue with him. So here I was, 2 weeks into being an Heating plus A/C worker, plus on my first service call without any teachers. I was slow starting the A/C service, because I had never had anyone like Ed watching plus waiting for me to screw up. I tried to explain this was my first time out on my own, plus Ed watched me even more closely. I finished the A/C service in 30 minutes plus looked at his paperwork. I told Ed it was no charge because of his service plan plus showed Ed what I did. I felt like a master when I got back to the Heating plus A/C supplier.


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