I got in trouble for playing with the smart thermostat settings when I was young

I remember a long time ago when my parents bought a new smart thermostat, I was really fascinated by the technology.

I thought it was cool that we were able to adjust the climate control settings easily by using the smart app on the smartphones.

I remember one day, my friends and I were hanging out in my room and we were completely bored. We ended up getting my mom’s phone and playing around with the climate control settings. I was showing them how it worked and my buddies and I cranked up the heating and then made it really cold with the A/C settings. When my parents got back home, they could tell there was something going on with the climate control system. They discovered that we were messing around with the climate control settings with my mom’s phone and I got into some serious trouble. All my buddies had to leave and I was grounded for a whole month. They said to never play around with the climate control settings, and I would have to pay for any spikes in the energy bills from playing with the thermostat in such a way. There was a little bit of an energy use spike, but it wasn’t all that much. I think the main concern was me possibly causing the climate control system to break down. Luckily, everything was alright, but I did learn my lesson after being grounded. I knew that major appliances like HVAC systems were not to be messed with because they were very expensive to fix.


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