I got lucky with this HVAC repair job

Sometimes you just have to go where the wind blows.

People who are too rigid and set in their ways can miss out on a lot of what life has to offer.

I don’t place a lot of stock in luck, but I do admit it has an impact on everyone’s life at one time or another. Being in the right place at the right time, or the wrong place at the wrong time, happens to all of us sooner or later, and it’s best to roll with it when it happens. A few years ago I was a super at an apartment building, and worked with air conditioners only a little bit. I met a guy at a party one night, and mentions a troublesome AC unit I had wrestled with that day. He tells me that he has a weird air conditioning problem, and would I take a look at it. We end up going to his house, and he has this massive, very old HVAC system that doesn’t work at all. The guy is offering me pretty good money to work on it, so even though this AC unit was out of my league I said I would do it. I came back the next day with my tools, some lights, and a tablet loaded with Youtube videos about central HVAC systems repair. I spent a few days crawling around in the attic, checking out all the ductwork, and then looking at the central unit. Although I did get the AC working again, I believe it was due to luck, and not skill.


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