I guess we expected more

My friends and I were going to the beach for the weekend a few months ago. The drive is about 90 minutes and the people I was with and I had a method to stay on Wednesday and Monday evening. Our last class was over at 2pm. Of course, I had chemistry and everyone else had Biology Lab. So, by the time the people I was with and I got home and packed our car, the handful of people I was with and I still had plenty of time to arrive at our endpoint before hitting traffic. I let my best buddy make reservations for the hotel. I told her several times that the people I was with and I needed two beds, a coffee maker and a small refrigerator, and free lunch in the afternoon would be great. I didn’t believe anything else would be crucial, but I should have been more particular with my full list of qualifications. My best buddy rented a hotel room on the beach that had a particularly small window a/c. The window a/c did not supply enough cool air to us for the entire room. We really were annoyed most of the time. The only time that window a/c provided just enough cool air was after the sunshine was set in the evening. The poor people I was with and I managed to sleep well, however I didn’t really want to spend any of the waking minutes sitting inside of our room. The heat was bad, however the humidity was even worse. My poor friends and I made several complaints about the air conditioning situation, however we got stuck with the accommodations.

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