I had many options

I remember how my grandfather used to tell me about his early days. The world seems like it was a completely different place back then. For example, grandpa quit school as soon as he had learned basic math and reading. He had to go to work at age 10 with his brothers and sisters, because back then you worked hard to keep your family going. There was no concept of higher education, and when grandpa got old enough his father secured for him an apprenticeship with a local tradesman. This was how they planned for the future, and I am running with that idea as I pass up a college opportunity to study the HVAC trade. I really do not have it in me to try 4 years of college, but taking some classes in HVAC systems will pave the way for a bright future. Within a year from now I can take (and hopefully pass) the HVAC certification exam, at which point I will have many options for work. The thing about heating and cooling systems is that I can take that set of skills with me wherever I happen to go. Anywhere in America, no matter where I am, people will have HVAC systems, and they will need people to service them. I didn’t have to apprentice under any local HVAC tradesmen, thankfully I had Youtube tutorial and online HVAC reference manuals I could use to help me. I think that college is a good idea for some people, but other folks like me do better in a trade, like HVAC.

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