I had more repairs than I had hoped

This whole month has been a poor month for me, my friends and family are trying to cheer myself and others up… They say, cheer up it’s just a poor morning however how do you cheer up when it’s not just a single morning however an entire week? It first started with a fight that I had with my boss at work, we normally get along pretty well however a difference of opinion on how things should be done caused a bit of an fight, then as if a single fight wasn’t enough I ended up having a further fight later that morning with my husband, we had wanted to go out to dinner however we could not agree on which place to go, but one of my preferred diners wasn’t relaxing enough for her, he is complaining that he did not like the indoor air temperature, he said that he doesn’t understand how I could breathe in that air and that they clearly have poor indoor air conditions! Now today is Monday and the month is only many days away from ending, I have found more poor news, however my oil furnace stopped working, and of course as if my luck could not get any worse it happened in the fall! I believe it could be worse if it were to cut in the winter. I have an older oil oil furnace that under normal circumstances is genuinely reliable however as recently had been making unusual noises and has been having trouble powering on; Even though it wasn’t what I wanted, I assume that I would have to call the local Heating, Ventilation & A/C corporation and have them send out a heating and A/C professional to maintenance my heater. I’m going to have to since I can’t go without heat while we were in the winter… Hopefully by the time this month is over it will be fixed and all this poor luck will be only a poor memory.