I had to be creative with our cooling solutions

My entire life I have had to be resourceful.

I didn’t grow up in a family where the people I was with and I had a lot of cash to back up our personal goals or individual comforts.

Instead, the people I was with and I had to learn how to suck it up & power through a lot of hard situations. If there was something that you needed to solve, you weren’t going to do it by calling a professional who would charge you an arm & a leg for their know-how. Instead, you were going to have to do some research & determine a viable solution for next to no cash. I will admit, it was often undoubtedly hard living under these circumstances. However, I have always figured out a way to get by without losing our cool. This was especially the case when I moved into our first new home & realized that there were no indoor air handling devices. The seasoned building had zero central heating & cooling control available to the tenants who lived there. Instead, the proprietor encouraged us to use new space heating systems & A/C window units to survive the extreme seasons, but of course, I could not afford to purchase our own cooling system plan at the time. I tried to find a used A/C window equipment for several weeks however eventually I gave up & came up with alternative solutions to our air handling problem. I realized that I could create our own cooling system system, of sorts. If I gathered enough ice cubes I could set them in front of our sitting fan & drape a wet cloth over both items. The fan would circulate air over the ice & through the chilly towel, effectively working like an cooling system unit, however at least, that is what I told myself in order to survive those more than two miserably sizzling summers.


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