I hate to vacuum dust

You know it is time for a brand new vacuum cleaner when you turn it on plus it does nothing but blow dust all over the home.

Not to mention, but it makes the indoor air pollen levels absolutely awful.

I wasn’t sure that my vacuum cleaner was doing this, plus as a result I ended up spreading all kinds of allergens and pollen around the home. I ended up getting pretty sick from it. Of course when I found out it was the vacuum that was doing it, I went out plus obtained another one. However, the awful air quality from all the dust still remained in the air. There was only one solution. And that was air purification! However, I was not going to spend a ton of dollars for a whole lake house media air cleaner. The best answer for myself and others was to go plus get 1 of the portable media air cleaners that I see all the time in the store. They are pretty affordably priced plus not to mention, they do the job right. This is what I heard from a few friends who use the portable media air cleaners in their family rooms plus kitchens. Also, after all this dust blasting all over the locale I had to pre-maturely change the air filter for my central heating plus A/C unit. All of that dust plus allergenic stuff got into the air vents plus clogged the air filter, making it spread more. But now with the air filters of my central heating plus A/C plan changed, the new vacuum cleaner plus my portable media air cleaner, so all is well!

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