I have a stash of a dozen or so furnace filters that will last for the next year

When so many of us switched to online shopping amid the onset of the global COVID pandemic, I don’t think I was the only one who started spending money frivolously with each order.

It’s great getting essentials that you always need, but half of my shipments included junk I didn’t need.

How many t-shirts does a man need before he has a shameless amount? I’m not happy about owning 12 pairs of shoes either. Last week I vowed to myself that I would stick to only buying essentials when I made orders from places like Amazon. There are times where I get a huge discount on something like napkins or paper towels, simply because I source them from the internet. Unfortunately, laundry products and some health and beauty products are actually more expensive online opposed to local stores. I just have to be careful and make sure I check prices at other vendors before I hit the order button. Today I received a shipment in the mail that includes a huge box of furnace filters. If I buy these at the store, they’re $15 each. Since I’m now buying them off the internet in bulk quantities, I can get 10 filters for only $50 dollars. I pay a third of the price for each air filter by getting 10 at a time. If you’re like me and you like to change your HVAC filters once a month, it’s hard to beat a deal like this. I have a closet with extra space, so I stored them inside. Whenever I need to change an old and dusty furnace filter, I just need to pull a new one out of the closet.

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