I have repaired the furnace numerous times

When life gets hard and it feels like it is impossible to go on you have to find a way to keep pushing ahead.

I have had so many friends supply up in life and I don’t want to follow in their footsteps.

I have too much to offer the world, and you do too, to just supply up and throw in the towel. My aged oil furnace has been through a lot of things in its life too. I’ve had to have it repaired many times and it is still chugging along. The furnace is kind of like the body, and when you take care of it and maintain it you can get a lot of years out of the thing. This central heating device has been heating our house for the past 35 years and it still has some life left in it. I’ve been taking care of it for the past twenty years and I suppose it still has another 20 left in it. The heating and air conditioning specialist comes out every year to repair and maintain it and I suppose that is what keeps it going for so long, the same goes with the human body, when you take care of it and keep it running tests consistently it lasts a long time. And speaking of that, I need to take my body to the local corporation and get a checkup soon because it has been a while since doing so. I suppose the last time I went there was when I went with the heating and air conditioning tech when we both had Covid. I suppose it is time to go again.

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