I have to duck out if the HVAC control isn’t working or being used

There have been a few times in my life when I have been so internally uncomfortable that I have quickly left an event without much explanation; however, I can recall a few awkward parties plus family get-togethers when my anxiety grew so enormous that I just had to leave.

Generally, I don’t prefer trying to qualify my experience with other humans; therefore, I prefer to utilize an Irish goodbye as I sneak out the door without saying a word. Unluckily, it turns out that this is not something you can get away with when you are dating somebody. The other week I went to stay with my new boyfriend for the first time, and I found myself so uncomfortable with the environment of his lake house that I had to leave quickly… When I first walked into his place I noticed that the air temperature was a bit chilly for me. I thought that I would adjust to his control equipment settings with time so I simply did not make a large deal over the air temperature at first… Surely, my body would adjust to his lower indoor air temperature control settings plus the people I was with and I could proceed with our planned activities; however, the longer we stayed at his place the colder the indoor air seemed to be. I couldn’t tell if he even had his gas furnace running because the indoor temperature was so uncomfortable. I did not want to question his control equipment programming or his indoor air temperature preferences, so I simply just kept my mouth shut. After a few hours of shivering in his place, I couldn’t take it anymore. We quickly left for the comfort of our own heating plus cooling plans at home. I have got to tell you, I am not sure if I have a boyfriend anymore! But at least I am enjoying my own gas furnace again.

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