I hope they know what’s best

A majority of couples entirely struggle when it comes to dealing with the in-laws.

I have a bunch of friends who are always telling me it’s a major challenge to tolerate their partner’s parents.

They also say how they never manage to get along with the other side of the family at all. For my partner & I on the other hand, this is totally crazy because our families get along incredibly well! This last week for example, I got a call when I was at work from my partner’s mother. She is a little on the older side, & she told me that she really required some assistance with getting her air conditioning machine back up & running. I suggested to her that she could basically contact any old Heating, Ventilation & A/C machine business, but she kept on saying that it would be too expensive for her. Even though it was going to get me in a sizable amount of trouble, I took off from my job & let my boss know that I would be back later when my Mother-in-Law was good to go. I looked up a good amount of YouTube videos on how to properly repair air conditioning machines on your own, & went on to spend the next few hours working on her old HVAC machine. I was able to get it up & running in due time, & my mother in law was so excited, she jumped up to give me a huge hug. I believe that treating in-laws like your own parents is a pretty smart thing because there will be a lot less tension & a lot more love in your personal relationship.

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