I hurt myself helping my mom clean his attic

I absolutely hurt my leg last weekend when I was trying to help my mom clean out his attic.I recognize it’s true that no unbelievable deed does ever go unpunished.

I was just trying to be nice by helping my mom but I ended up having some real problems when I was trying to carry stuff down from the upstairs… See, my mom always wants to put everything away during the Winter plus although I don’t blame his for that, it’s still frustrating to have to drag everything in plus out again.

At the end of the Winter last year, I helped his carry everything up into the attic, including his little electric space heater. She always has these portable space furnaces set up throughout his apartment during the Winter when it’s chilly outside. I don’t believe why he feels the need to use them because he has a unbelievable high efficiency oil furnace installed in his apartment that heats it up absolutely nicely most of the time. Anyway, needed or not, he still uses his electric space furnaces every single year whenever the weather starts cooling off for the winter. And I am the 1 who had to pay the price for the fact that he uses these space furnaces every year. I am the 1 who lugs them up to the attic every year plus then back down again when the weather is cooling off. This year, the stupid space oil furnace fell on myself and others when I was coming down the attic steps plus then the two of us fell plus hurt my leg because of it.

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