I just do not understand

Occasionally I help out with the band at the church every one of us attend, then whenever I’m volunteering to play guitar with the band, I have to get to church super early in the morning because every one of us always have a run through plus a full band rehearsal before the maintenance starts, and the problem with doing this is that you just never think what the thermostat in the building is going to be set at when you get there. For instance, this morning, the temperature outside was entirely freezing plus so I dressed rather warmly for the service, however but when I got there, it felt super hot plus stuffy inside the auditorium. I thought I would go sit out in the hallway to cool off just a little bit, but the heating vents in the hallway were running full blast plus it felt just prefer walking into a big furnace out there! Honestly, by the time the maintenance started, I was ready to melt plus the sweat was just pouring off of me. I didn’t even want to suppose about resting on the stage under the big spotlights, all I wanted to do was run back outside where the temperature was nice plus cold, either that, or cooling myself down in the cooling system inside our car! I just don’t understand what the issue is with the heating plus cooling system in our church building. I suppose that every one of us are going to have to get a professional commercial HVAC guy in here to check out our system. Either that or I’m going to have to stop volunteering. The extra heating is just ridiculous.

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