I knew how to service the gas furnace, even though I didn't think where to start.

When our gas furnace broke last year, I decided that I should just labor on it myself.

I didn’t want to pay a serviceman a big amount of currency just because he had a certification & I didn’t.

I knew how to service the gas furnace. My problem was knowing where to start to diagnose the gas furnace to service it. Naturally, our sibling & I had decided every one of us knew what to do after every one of us had consumed a half case of beer. All of us continued drinking even while every one of us were trying to take the gas furnace apart. When our sibling started laughing , I couldn’t figure out what was so funny. He held up a section & asked myself and others where it came from. Neither of us remembered taking it off the gas furnace. That’s when our wives came home & found us in the basement. My wife was horrified at the mess she saw, & his wife was honestly miserable. She couldn’t know he had done this again. She reminded him of the mess that needed cleaned up when every one of us had tried to service their a/c earlier that year. My wife had already gone upstairs, & she was on the PC. I knew she was calling the HVAC supplier to see if they could come over that night. In a way, I was ecstatic she had made the call. I knew every one of us were going to need the heat later that night, & I had no plan how to service the mess I had made. I was sad about how much it was going to cost for an after hours repair, even though I know it was our own fault.

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