I learn about the different types of HVAC systems

As human beings, we never stop learning no matter how long we live.

  • That is true today just as it was true for all of time.

In particular, in this information age, we have virtually anything that we could possibly be interested in at our fingertips. I really don’t take for granted just how much knowledge we’ve accumulated over human history, and I do my best to do as much reading as I possibly can on a wide variety of topics and genres. Some of what I have learned, others may consider to be useless information. However, knowledge enriches my life, and I really enjoy learning something new. The most recent thing that I learned, I discovered while I was researching different kinds of HVAC units at the request of my mother. She is remodeling her basement and she wanted to know what kind of heating and air conditioning system would be most conducive for a basement environment. During my research, I discovered that there were eight different kinds of central heating and air conditioning units. I had only ever been aware of four different kinds of HVAC units. Obviously, I was most familiar with central heating and air conditioning units. I also knew of window or wall-mounted HVAC units. Then of course, there are ductless mini-split units and portable HVAC units. As I did my research to figure out what HVAC system would be best for the basement, I discovered that there were four additional HVAC units. They are smart units, floor-mounted units, geothermal units, and hybrid or dual-fuel units. What an incredible variety of HVAC technology!

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