I learned that it’s a mistake to depend too much on the HVAC equipment

My father definitely was right about relying on heating equipment too much

My father was extremely strict, but never severe… He had grown up while in a depression, struggling for basically every dollar, so he was honestly big on being self dependent as much as possible. Before I was even able to drive a car, I had to learn everything about the car. I definitely had to know how to repair multiple problems that would come up. Although he had never been homeless (to my knowledge) he was also genuinely insistent on showing me outdoor survival skills, just in case I had to survive outside for a long phase of time. His point was that I actually relied much too heavily on Heating as well as A/C equipment as well as other heating equipment for surviving in the severe winters, as well as I needed to know about other ways. As it turns out, I had to be a pretty fast learner, because before I was ready there was a very serious malfunction with our central gas furnace. It was below freezing outside, as well as supposed to be going to sub-zero levels. So we basically needed a fire in the fireplace. With the fireplace blazing we would be able to relax in that room, close to it, as well as we would be fine without the central heating… The pressure was certainly on me to get it going, as well as although my hands were trembling severely, within minutes I was able to get the fireplace working. It felt genuinely like being able to do that for our family, as well as to do it on my own. My father definitely was right about relying on heating equipment too much. Later that night, when the fire was going down, Dad got up as well as updated the batteries in the temperature control. The heating equipment never had been broken after all!

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