I like my alone time

I will confess that I enjoy it when my partner leaves the house on a work trip.

My partner works remotely & doesn’t have any hobbies outside of the house, so she is at our place 24/7… While I think some women would be happy with this set up, I am not.

I never get any alone time in our house. If I want to mop floors, it is a pain in the butt since she is always in the way. I always have to make a full lunch & do the dishes afterwards. I never get to watch what I want on TV, so on the few occasions where I have the house to myself, I make the most of it. I stay up way too late & get up too early. I usually end up tired when she comes back. I scrub the whole house top to bottom, binge a television series & accomplish my whole to do list. I also hire out services while she is gone. My partner never wants to hire electrical, plumbing or Heating, Ventilation & A/C services. When she leaves, I always get a Heating, Ventilation & A/C tune up. Our machine needs to be lubricated, oiled & checked over. There is dust & allergens in the units that is impossible to see from the outside. I always get a yearly check up when she goes. Sometimes, I even opt for air duct cleaning. It’s important to me that I know that everything is clean and functioning safely. I like to keep a clean house, and that includes heating and cooling systems. This year I am planning on even adding a dehumidifier.

a/c care plan