I like to be in charge

One of the worst things about being married to my husband Andrew is having to ride with him on long car trips. We have to travel on long trips together two or three times a year, and sometimes it is just the most annoying thing ever. See, when we are at home, I’m usually in control of the thermostat. I’m usually the one in our relationship who is hot all the time. I generally like to keep the air conditioning set around sixty-six degrees when we are home. That’s in the winter and in the summer! But when I have to go on a business trip with Andrew, he always likes to think that he’s the one in control of the heating and the air conditioning in the car. I don’t know why he thinks that the car’s thermostat is his sole responsibility, but he doesn’t even want me to touch the heater and the air conditioning controls when we’re in the car. It’s so annoying especially when I get hot like I usually do and he doesn’t want to turn on the A/C! And once he even put the window locks on the windows so I couldn’t even get my windows to roll down. I think he’s a little bit of bully when it comes to the car’s thermostat and heating and air conditioning. It’s really a good thing that we only have to go on business trips once or twice a year, because I don’t really like letting him have his way with the thermostat! I like getting back home to the high quality HVAC system we have installed – where I am always in charge.