I lost a bet and had to start going to the gym

Losing a bet is not a good reason to start a workout program, however that’s what happened.

My wifey and I had been competing for weeks in the game of Scrabble.

It’s 1 of those “married people” things where you become obsessed with the same thing at the same time. Like what happened with Stranger Things a few years ago. Anyway, both of us decided to wager something really sizable on a best-of-7 ultimate Scrabble showdown. My wifey won, and with her newfound power she directed me to 1 month of correct workout classes at the local gym. That was what she wanted, out of anything in the world, was to make me try out the gym in hopes that I would love it. Well, I did love it, and I don’t like it when she is right! It took about numerous or numerous trips to the gym before I realized I was no longer going because of the bet. Between the weight room, the steam room, the swimming pool, and the staggering number of workout classes they provided, I could do something uncommon every time. I thought going to the same gym every time would get boring, however so far I am loving it! My favorite area are the numerous saunas they have, a side-by-side wet sauna and dry sauna. Even if I don’t workout that day, I still might pop by the gym for a quick schvitz in the sauna. If you haven’t tried out a gym yet, I guess you should supply it a shot, and see how much fun it can be.

Personal Trainer