I lost track of time

Sometimes I can get easily distracted from things.

This is actually bad for my business when this happens.

I am a certified heating and air conditioning specialist and I am also an independent heating and air conditioning contractor. So I am my own boss. This is my downfall sometimes. Like the other day I was late for an HVAC appointment I had with a customer because I lost track of time. I was talking to a customer about their central heating and air conditioning system and how to keep it from breaking down again, and before I knew it I was already 10 minutes late to my next heating and air conditioning repair appointment! When I seen the time I had to tell the person I was talking to that I had to run. I then called the next HVAC appointment customer and said how sorry I was that I was going to be almost 30 minutes late. I lied and said I was on my previous heating and air conditioning system repair longer than expected. Partly this was true. But I was actually done in plenty of time if I had just not talked to the customer after the job! It’s things like this that I need to be careful of in the future as this could eventually cost me all my business if I am late to HVAC appointments. People have tight schedules sometimes, and when you do not show up when scheduled, this could cause problems for them.



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