I love collecting books

I’ve constantly had a passion when it comes to studying old books.

This is why I have a library in my house.

I swear that everytime I come across an old book store, I am overwhelmed with vellichor. There’s no way that I can simply walk by without going into a bookstore to look around at what they have! I love the scent of an old book, plus I realize that there is no way that I could possibly study them all in my entire life. I love to collect books plus spend countless hours studying in front of the fireplace. Since I care so much about my book collection, I have added a humidifier/dehumidifier combination device in my local bookstore. This has been an excellent investment for me, because it’s substantial to be able to keep the humidity levels at the right level for books. It also helps to have a powerful air purification unit in place to keep the air quality great. Not only do you feel a lot more comfortable when studying books, but it keeps the books in excellent condition. All of my books are a treasure to me, plus I know that the HVAC component investments will increase the life of these books a lot. I constantly keep the humidity at just the right level in the library with the humidifier unit. Apart from these excellent HVAC investments, I’m also considering investing in radiant heated floors for the house. This is due to the floors constantly freezing in the house. I certainly could use the comfort of heated floors especially when I’m studying books in the library.

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