I love the idea!

I come off as a bit frumpy when certain things are involved. That said, I genuinely appreciate a nice temperature control system plus I highly value a great air conditioning unit in this southern heat. Thus, our HVAC system is pretty fancy plus I keep it well-maintained with excellent service. And as long as it heats and cools well, I’m not a fan of the extras that might as well be excluded. I talking about the smart temperature controls. I don’t get what’s the big deal about turning a dial to change the temperature as needed, plus I am quite partial to our dial temperature control. I’ve heard that the older models normally last longer than their newer counterparts anyway. In addition, I gathered that specific programmable temperature controls aren’t compatible with some HVAC systems, but paying more for the programmable tech then finding out the temperature control you want is not even compatible with your HVAC system must be quite annoying! As for smart thermostats being controlled by Wi-Fi, I don’t even own a smart device! I know, I must come off as a caveman or something. I don’t need the extra gizmos and frankly the thought of a smart temperature control “studying” our temperature preferences kind of unnerves me. As far as I’m concerned, getting all those extras is an unnecessary expense. However, don’t misunderstand me: when it comes to a reliable gas furnace plus air conditioning giving myself and others the heating and cool air we need, I’m not mean on spending!

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