I love these new Bepop CPM models

I toil in a production company for medical grade plastics.

We produce different products for the medical profession, that range from the plastic bags for IV drips right down to plastic covers for thermometers that are used in pediatrician offices.

If you have seen the product in a doctor’s office or in a hospital, the possibility is that our manufacturing company has made it at one point. I am the guy that is in charge of signs, labels, and in house printing needs. You may not think that a manufacturing plant for medical grade plastics has a need for signs, labels, and in house printing, but we really do have a need for a print and chop printing system. We can print full color photo images and import documents from Word and Excel. There are times when I may need a printer that can serialize letters, numbers, and barcodes. As the person in charge of in house printing for our company, I believe the best printer we can get for our money is the Bepop CPM-200GU from Arrow Systems, Inc. The Bepop CPM-200GU from Arrow Systems, Inc. has every quality I need, and then some! The Bepop CPM-200GU can not only print and chop on demand all from one system, but it can automatically fill in labels with information from your own spreadsheets. This all in one in house printing system has everything necessary for our company’s unique needs, and I hope that Arrow Systems, Inc. will continue to produce and improve upon the Bepop CPM-200 GU printing system.


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