I love this smart thermostat!

I am not the brightest dude when it comes to technology. Growing up, I was the only kid I knew who sucked at video games (something that has not changed over the years, by the way). When smartphones really started taking over, I was still using a flip phone, just because it was a lot easier for me. There is something in my brain that has a problem with tech gadgets, and I have no idea why that is. Recently though I found a cool piece of tech that I actually really enjoy. It’s a smart thermostat, which I connected to my central HVAC system, and it has proven to be very, very cool. I only ever used the digital readout style of thermostat before, which to me was a marvel of technology all its own. I remember as a kid having the thermostat that was a plastic level on the side that you manually adjusted. This smart thermostat is next level, though, and makes the digital readout seem pretty primitive in comparison. This thermostat not only sets the indoor tempts, but it takes constant readings of the air quality. Not only that, but it learns as it goes, so if I leave the house for a few hours, the thermostat will automatically adjust itself so it doesn’t run the whole time. It monitors its own batteries and air filters, and gives me a text message when anything needs to be replaced. It also runs self diagnostics, so it can alert me when I need to schedule an HVAC service appointment. Before too long, this thermostat will know me so well I will never have to adjust it again!



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