I miss our band meetings

I am hoping by tomorrow that this flu will be past tense and I can play in our band by the church.

It has been forever since we’ve made current music and it is high time to get some current ones so we can put them on our website. We are slowly building our music online and once we have another 15 or so songs,we are going to cut our first album. We will really put about 13 songs on it and want to have about 40 songs to choose from so as to confidently pick the top songs from the list. Currently, my partner works in Heating and cooling repairs as I sing about different subjects, but basically our music is all about fun, life & death. I suppose we can have a great album if we concentrate on creating 8 of the best songs, since we have about six songs that qualify. We both work at the Heating and A/C contractor shop and are ready to buy our own air conditioned tour bus next year then hit the road to prove to the world what we are capable of doing. Maybe it will take a few more years but eventually it will happen. What I know is that one way or another there will be some fantastic tours for our band and lots of fun in the process. Anyway, my focus today is to repair the heating equipment in the cabin to set up for convenience in the coming few months when it gets cold due to winter.


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