I Miss The Old Heating Business In Town

A few months ago, the heating and air conditioning business that has been a major staple in my hometown closed its doors after over 60 years of top notch HVAC repair and installation service.

This heating and cooling business was at the very beginning of HVAC technology, and way before the inventions of central heating and cooling.

They began as just a heater and window air conditioning unit repair shop. Back in those days, there was not a need for any kind of major heating and air conditioning product installation. The only type of installation you needed in the heating and cooling industry were furnaces. And a special company for that would take care of that task. Eventually, this local heating and cooling company expanded to doing those furnace installations. Then from there, they grew bigger and moved with the times. The next thing you know, they were installing the very first commercial heating and air conditioning systems. Then, of course the era of the residential heating and cooling systems were here, and we know the rest! The reason they closed their doors after so many years was because the owner sadly passed away. The rest of the family had no interest in running a heating and air conditioning business, so they had no choice but to sell the building and move onto other things. I hope the new heating and air conditioning service in town that will eventually arrive will be just as good. For now, all of our heating and air conditioning needs have to be taken care of from an HVAC provider from out of town.

Heating and air conditioning system