I missed the calls from my boss

I’ve been helping my boss with a radiant heating floor replacement task at a commercial task site. Each day we have been meeting at the shop before we go to the commercial task site, then my associate and I put all of the items for the radiant heating replacement task inside of the automobile so we have all of the items that we will need for the day, but i have been having a lot of trouble getting good sleep, because of all the bending over. I have been on my knees a lot laying down the materials for the radiant heated floor replacement task. I took a couple of sleeping pills so I could sleep plus I slept right through my alarm on Friday. I didn’t even look at my iPhone until I was halfway to the office, and when I did look at my iPhone, I realized that I had a couple of missed calls from my boss, but he called me to say that he was already at the task location plus he had all of the materials. I didn’t have any way to turn around because I was stuck in traffic on the interstate. I was delayed by an hour plus 15 minutes because I had to drive a total of 47 miles out of my way, and the task location was a lot closer to my household than the shop plus it would have taken me less than 20 minutes to drive there if I would have looked at my iPhone when I woke up instead of when I was already inside of my automobile plus on the way to the shop.



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