I missed the calls from my boss

I’ve been helping my boss with a radiant heating floor installation job at a commercial job site.

Each morning we have been meeting at the shop before we go to the commercial job site.

We put all of the items for the radiant heating installation job inside of the vehicle so we have all of the items that we will need for the day. I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting good sleep, because of all the bending over. I’ve been on my knees a lot laying down the materials for the radiant heated floor installation job. I took a couple of sleeping pills so I could sleep and I slept right through my alarm on thursday. I didn’t even look at my phone until I was halfway to the office. When I did look at my phone, I realized that I had a couple of missed calls from my boss. He called me to say that he was already at the job site and he had all of the materials. I didn’t have any way to turn around because I was stuck in traffic on the interstate. I was delayed by an hour and 15 minutes because I had to drive a total of 47 miles out of my way. The job site was a lot closer to my apartment than the shop and it would have taken me less than 20 minutes to drive there if I would have looked at my phone when I woke up instead of when I was already inside of my vehicle and on the way to the shop.

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